Christmas Activities in Chicago


Christmas is always a cozy time for Chicago. Hot cocoa, way too much food, and family vacations that aren’t actually vacations AWAY from your family. There are lots of Christmas activities in Chicago – the Christkindlmarket, skating at Maggie Dailey or Millenium Park, hunting for Santa Claus while watching the official Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and of course, our favorite – zoo lights. But what about AceBounce? We’re pairing ping-pong with Christmas, and you’re definitely going to want to get in on that!

But, one of Chicago’s famous traditions isn’t really an activity we look forward to. When Chicagoland turns into Chiberia, and you’re back from Thanksgiving just in time to recover, the weather puts a wee damper on things.

So how do you go about hitting all your favorite Christmas activities in Chicago pleasurably? Why not add something to the list? Something a little different? Something…warm?

AceBounce, located on the corner of North Clark and Wacker Drive is the difference you need in your life!

Mild exercise equals warming up. Ping-Pong equals mild exercise. AceBounce equals ping-pong.

It’s so simple, but like Chicago’s frozen streets, there’s attitude, excitement, world class food, and obviously alcohol, laying right beneath the surface – you just have to know where to look.

Our adult ping-pong playground hosts 16 ping-pong tables, a full restaurant, a 50 foot cocktail bar, and an aesthetic that would even make your grandma happy. You can play some games, sit at the bar, people watch, or enjoy a saliva-inducing meal from our culinary experts– maybe even a cocktail or two from our phenomenal bartenders.

Christmas Activities in Chicago

As you’re making your to-do list of Christmas activities in Chicago and checking it twice– throw AceBounce in there. If you’re willing to venture out in the snow to the EL, you can get off right at Clark and Lake downtown, and only trudge about 50 feet to get to us. We believe in you, we know you can do it, and we’ll warm you up in the way only way we know how. A drink, a bite to eat, and service staff that’ll take care of you like you’re family…we just won’t ask why you’re still single…that’s grandma’s job.

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